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i think i just got mad!

July 22, 2009

there is a part in bad boys II where wil smith and martin lawrence are chasing the jamaicans who are chasing gabrielle union. martin, now on a peaceful path, is trying his best to shoot tires and to avoid killing people (like they used to).  wil smith eventually grows weary of martin’s failure to stop the madness that is escalating on the freeway, and turns his Ferrari 360 degrees to spray the individuals causing the problem with about thousand bullets as he exclaims, “i think i just got mad!”

i can relate.

see,  i have been sitting by watching as people decide what is right and cool for me. i have waited patiently for some to recognize exactly who i am, and i have grown weary of those who just don’t seem to get it!

now that i am thoroughly mad, it’s time to let it be known,  that the way i live my life and the things that i choose not to do, doesn’t make me a social pariah, a weirdo, or someone that needs to be cajoled into doing something else.  it also doesn’t make me boring, asocial or worthy of solitary confinement.

we will get into the details later…but bottom line…good (and now really mad)  girls need love too!

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  1. July 22, 2009 4:42 pm

    congrats on the new blog. interested in seeing what comes out of it. as you continue to make a stand – be sure to VENT UP – and not OUT or DOWN.

    Venting Up will not only be great for you – but everyone good girl that will come in contact with your new blog. God bless.

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