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that doggie in the window

July 26, 2009

Ahhhhhhhhhh…aren’t they cute? 

Of course, they are– crawling over each other, making the cutest faces, licking a hand or two–just hoping that someone will think they are the new puppy for them.  Hoping with great fervor that you would choose me and take me to the White House (LOL!) or any house, just so I am leave this pack of chipper, yet hopeful contenders and arrive at a place that’s all mine.


I recently had a conversation with a new friend of mine about a man.  She had been totally dismantled by the perception that a “suitor” (and I use the term loosely) had given her about his presence in her life.  He led her to think that he was “the one” and that they would be together “forever.”  We now know that he was “the one” to cause her alot of grief and “forever” would last as long as she allowed herself to be subdued by him. 

Now, she has to retreat back to the box with the rest of us unweds (so to speak), once again to begin the personal PR campaign that landed her with her last “Master.”

Sound like a doggie in the window,  I thought.

Honestly, most unwed women have been like that  doggie.  Hopping around in a group of other options (other women) unbeknownst, or sometimes even known, to them, making cute faces (outfits, makeup and other enhancements), licking a hand or two (fill in the blank), hoping that you (the man I’ve been waiting for) would choose me, and only me…forever and ever…Amen.

Ummm, there’s only one problem…I AM NOT A DOG!

I recently liberated myself from needing to show someone how awesome I am, and I become contagious to my girlfriends with such power.  I am recently deemed them “quit-ers” actually its QIT-ers (Queens in Training*) and have encouraged them to be the beautiful, dynamic, and powerful queens that they are and in doing so alleviating themselves from being the doggie in the window.  I have come to the conclusion that ”his” failure to choose me is not my failure…it’s his loss and my win!  I refuse to convince you of my beauty or of my worth.

Regardless of what happens…I am still a queen! Check the crown, baby!

Nano-Lesson: Leave the “mutt” ado about nothing behind…

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