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today’s score

July 28, 2009

why the score, huh? well,  because i am sitting here hoping that the good girls have been victorious. 

too many times, the good girls are left on the sidelines, while boi after boi choose the obviously not-so-good ones.  truly it is to each his own, but i am appauled as to why anyone would choose a girl who obviously has put herself out their as a “those.”  again, exactly why have y’all turned those into housewives, or even considered “wife-ing” them. 

helloooooooo! she leaked…um…got caught (we’ll just say) on video with her dude, and spends most of her time naked or on her back– for money.  and then we won’t even talk about the one who used to be in a menage a trois…make that menage a FOUR with hugh hefner (well at least not today).

are you confused?  you need a hint, huh?

alright… starts with a k!

i am excited as a watch the coverage of  kim k’s and reggie bush’s sad, sad break-up. could it be?  could reggie actually have come to his senses and saw that the playboy modeling, dim-witted, lackluster “business woman” was just not worthy of the name “mrs. bush?” could it be that he figured out that after 2 years of having this arm candy (not art gallery candy) planted by his side (at least when she wasn’t with the Pussycat Dolls, or kicking it at VelaShape) that he did a few calculations and decided this woman is ill-equipped to be anything more than a trophy or trinket.

oooh! that might have been harsh. but, if so…bravo! if not…i guess i will be writing a part two.

while i mentioned her earlier, i’ll reserve my true thoughts on kendra for later–because that too, is mind-boggling.

but in all seriousness, what is the problem here? i could care less about reggie bush, but what he represents is an epidemic of young men choosing what glitters over what’s gold. truly my brothers are not deluded enough to think that these..or let me say “those,” are the types of women that they need by their side.  do you honestly think that she’s with you to be a partner in your dreams? when she’s not on rodeo drive (or it could even be wal-mart),  does she have a life–or is she just waiting on you. the better question is, if you weren”t who you are (athlete, successful businessman, real estate developer; millionaire), would she still LOVE you so much, or better yet, if you lost it all, would she still be there?

once again, i have to extol the virtues of the good girl who looks fabulous and has her own. and, here’s what’s crazy, she even wants to be down with you.  she wants to be the shoulder you lean on, and the one that understands…this is not a game for her.  but time after time you push her to the backburner and grab you a hot chick.  the reality is, the good girl is just as hot, but you’re a bit intimidated by someone who can call you out and be sincere…i understand, it’s extremely scary to find someone who cares enough about you to back you up, but also cares enough to keep it real.

it’s okay, boo, i understand…NOW PLEASE GET OVER YOURSELF! (yes, i am yelling!)

but until you do…i guess i am here to keep score! goodgirls…1 “those…”0

let’s be clear…even though i’m keeping score, deep down, i know it’s not a game.

now…say it with me…good girls need love too!

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  1. July 28, 2009 10:40 pm

    It seems that they are not valuing our minds as much as they should…

    I recently asked a guy why me? Why does he find me attractive, his answer, “I think your mind is sexy.”

    He could of been feeding me a load of bull, but hearing that is actually what has allowed me to open up to him…even on a friendly level.

    and you’re so right…

    what glitters is not always gold…rarely is it precious, just a cover up for a dingy emtpy shell.

    • msgoodigoodi permalink*
      July 28, 2009 11:45 pm

      …and before anyone thinks you’re just a brainiac without any style or pizzazz…let me say…

      and you’re cute, too (good) girl!

  2. msgoodigoodi permalink*
    July 29, 2009 12:04 am

    just read cnn…and don’t give me the sob story about how they love each other and never see each other. when it’s real…you do whatever you have to do make it work, and with the money they have, a plane right to her and to him isn’t nada.

    reggie…please find a real woman, a good girl, if you will, that is trying to have something for real with you, not just a red carpet love affair. please make a note of it! thanks!

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