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About Good Girls

hi from your resident ” goodi!”

this blog is inspired by the numerous occasions that i have been talked about and ridiculed for being a good girl.  without having a list of what i do and don’t do in my life, i wanted it to be known that good girls are just real people who like to have fun and who laugh (loudly, if they are like me), and just love life.  just because someone does things a different way, doesn’t mean that you count them out….or it should.

i hope that when you read this that you are amused, inspired, and encouraged to keep being a good girl (AKA goodi).  and for the men in my life, who i will indubitbly direct to this blog one day, i hope that it help you understand that it’s time to get over your own idiosyncrasies and fears (that perhaps you’re not “good” enough)  and get with the goodi who has been down with you from day one (you all have one)–because more than likely, she is EVERYTHING that you’ve ever wanted, and a lot of things you never knew you did. 

i’ll say it millions of times before its said and done…good girls need love too!

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